Thursday, January 20, 2011

17 January

I went for another run, and the same thing happened! I came over all light-headed, and had to walk for a bit, and then had to sit down. Then I felt sick, then I went hot all over. It sounds like what happens when you take a drug, but instead of then feeling blissful, I just felt kind of weak and light-headed. A man walking by said hello, and asked me how the run was. I am never non-committal. Not so good, I said. Just feeling a little faint (I wasn't, but I didn't think of the expression "light-headed" until afterwards). He stopped and was concerned, asked if I needed any help. No, no, I said, I just need to rest for a bit, thanks.  It was hard to think of even those words. Light-headed.

I kept on my route, walking slowly, which took me past J&N's place, and who should be putting out their rubbish but J! "Hullo Luvvie!" she said. "Do you have a banana I can borrow?" I replied.

After a banana, a litre of water and a pleasant chat, I was on my way. Run run run. But what caused this malaise? I have a theory. Both times it happened, I've run past a witch's house...