Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Place: Winter 2009

These are the front steps, up to the landing:

That door at the top goes back down steps to the yard, and my little pot-garden:

Here is my front door: Flat 2

Looking back at the lounge room: I am learning the ukulele - 4 chords so far! That's one per year:

Hallway, glimpse of my bedroom at the end:

Kitchen, first on the right:

Bathroom, 2nd on the right - the decorator was thinking "Spring":

My study nook - it's laundry day. My new computer, my old desk back with me after 5 years: that's a photo of my brother in a tree that I took with Michael's box-brownie, I printed it out on an A1 piece of paper. Love that photo - love that camera: